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SimplyYesMarketing.com is a free resource site for online business entrepreneurs. I have been asked why I do all of this for free, or how I manage to make any money. This page was created to answer how I’m funded, and why it matters to you!

Why Is the Content on This Site Free?

I’ve been there as a small business start-up. It’s tough getting started, and often it comes with a minimal budget for tools and proper training. But to succeed online, you need both the proper tools, training and more. That’s where SimplyYesMarketing.com comes in.

I started SimplyYesMarketing.com in 2018 with a single goal: to become an online business guide that provides online business strategies that are easy to understand, maximize profit, and most importantly require minimal investment (with free being the optimal price).


How Is SimplyYesMarketing Funded?

I believe in being honest and transparent with my audience. It’s the best way to build trust within a community.

Running a website like SimplyYesMarketing.com that helps thousands of users every month requires a significant investment. Both on content creation and back-end server infrastructure. I [currently] single-handedly create and maintain all of the tips, tutorials, video-walkthroughs, product reviews and every other aspect of this website.

So yes, I have to make money somehow, or I wouldn’t be able to maintain the site. Below are my two primary sources that fund SimplyYesMarketing.com.

Paid Ads

Occasionally you may see some ads from Google or other online ad feed on this site. It’s not my favorite source of income, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to keep a site up and running.

==> Learn more about Google AdSense

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions (aka affiliate sales) are the primary source of income for this site. When you purchase services from products or companies that I recommend, I may make a small commission off of that referral. These affiliations don’t cost YOU anything! There are no price increases and no gimmicks. All commissions are handled on the back-end between the service provider and me.

Here are the affiliate programs in which I participate:

I only recommend products that I believe will add value to my readers and that fit my overall goal of helping you to succeed online. All the products that I recommend are thoroughly tested and reviewed. All opinions are my own.

Many of the biggest sites and top brands on the internet offer affiliate programs. Anyone can become an affiliate for eBay, Amazon, Google, Etsy, etc. Chances are, many of your favorite sites use affiliate marketing as an additional source of income. You might just not be aware of it unless you dig through their disclaimer material too.

Sponsored Reviews

I do not accept payments for positive reviews. If someone contacts me for a sponsored review, I clearly state that I will maintain an unbiased opinion of their product or service. Sponsored reviews are clearly marked as such on the review page itself within this site. My readers come first. Fake positive reviews don’t help anyone.

What Do Affiliate Links Look Like?

Affiliate links can come in a few different forms. Sometimes an affiliate link might be in a banner format like this:


When you click on one of these ads or an affiliate link and make a purchase, a special cookie tracks the click. The 3rd party company may provide Simply Yes! Marketing with a small commission for the referral. This in no way affects the price of the product or solution you’re buying.

The referral commissions are different for each product. Some affiliate programs are very generous and offer 50% commission, while others may only offer 5% or $1 on a $25 product. It really all depends on the product. I use affiliate links because every little bit counts. I’m not all about just trying to find the best-paying products or services. In fact, many of the products I review may not have an affiliate program at all. Again, my readers come first.

Most Common Questions Readers Have

Will it cost me more if I click on a product you recommend?

Nope. Never. In fact, in some cases, you might actually save money by purchasing a product, tool, or service through a link on SimplyYesMarketing.com. As an affiliate, I sometimes get access to promotions and deals that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Do you see my personal data or purchase information?

No. All of your personal data is kept private by the company through which you make the final purchase. The only data I see is that a purchase of product X was made on such a date/time by an anonymous user as a referral from my site.

How Can You Help Support SimplyYesMarketing.com

I love what I do, but without the help of my readers, I simply wouldn’t be able to maintain this site. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • If you learned about a product or service through SimplyYesMarketing, and you’re interested in buying it, then do so using a referral link from this site.
  • Comments on posts and articles really help, so please leave your own review of products you’re using. You can do so in the comments section located at the bottom of any article.
  • Share the love for SimplyYesMarketing.com by sharing my online success strategies and tips with your friends, co-workers, and other communities through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media tools.

Why You Should Help

SimplyYesMarketing.com is all about finding the best tools to maximize your profit with the minimum investment. My goal is to save you time and stress by providing the best online success strategies and tips all in one place, for free. I thoroughly test and research everything I write about so that you know you’re getting only the best advice and strategies available.

There are a LOT of bloggers that write fake positive reviews without ever testing the product or service because they just want to make a quick buck on a referral commission.

You won’t find that at SimplyYesMarketing.com. My readers are my top priority. Quality is what counts. I would expect as much from others and I aim to provide that to my readers.

If you’ve found this site to be helpful, please use the above methods to help me out so that I can continue providing the best online success strategies to you and many others.

I appreciate your support.

Thank you!

Jen Stickney
Founder of SimplyYesMarketing.com

FTC Disclosure

This website recommends various affiliate products and services. If you choose to purchase the recommended products by clicking one of the links within this site, SimplyYesMarketing.com may receive a small commission for that purchase. The prices of products and services are in no way affected by this arrangement. SimplyYesMarketing.com only recommends products it feels are helpful to its readers. Learn more.

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