Today I wanted to touch base on the topic of Comfort Zones. I’ve mentioned them before in my articles and podcasts, but I’ve created a mini-series program to help you Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye. This series consists of steps that you can take to help you move outside your comfort zone more often.

Success Takes Action

One of the most significant traits of successful people is that they are action driven individuals. They’re constantly trying out new ideas to see what sticks and what doesn’t. More often than not, the new ideas and strategies they come up with will NOT work as expected. But instead of giving up, they use each one of these experiences as a learning opportunity to advance closer to their goals.

Think about Thomas Edison. How many tries did it take him to create the lightbulb? It’s said that it took him somewhere around 10,000 tries. But he didn’t see each of those attempts as failures at all. Instead he saw them each as simply another way that didn’t work. And he kept going until he succeeded.

Action Isn’t Always Comfortable

Taking action is no small task for the average person, including myself, especially when the action required is new to us.

What very few people realize is that successful people are always pushing themselves, challenging their personal limitations and becoming more skilled in many different areas of life.

If you really dissect what is happening behind the scenes, you will realize something very interesting. Instinctively we all strive to find a comfort zone in life.

We want to be sure of everything. We want to feel safe and to be assured that nothing unexpected is going to happen. As you may have heard me state before, our brains are hard-wired to recognize patterns. Patterns keep us safe. 

Your Comfort Zone a Dangerous Place to Be?

The bad news for entrepreneurs or people trying to move up in their careers, or any other type of business person, your comfort zone is a very dangerous place to be.


If you are totally comfortable with everything in your life it means you aren’t doing anything. Even if you’re not in business or managing a team or a company and you’re just focused on self-improvement and self-growth, you are not learning or growing anything when you’re comfortable.

By natural law, this actually means you are becoming less successful or having a backwards progress in self-growth! 

Hmmm… something to think about, right?

Successful people actually become quite concerned if they find they have settled into a comfort zone. They understand the negative implications of this kind of activity and quickly launch themselves into action again.

Uncomfortable = Progress and Growth

My Massage Therapy Instructor always told us that if something feels difficult or uncomfortable then you’re learning! Learning requires effort and action. It requires stepping outside of your comfort zone so that you can expand and experience new things.

Remember this: Producing results is MORE IMPORTANT than being comfortable.

Over the course of my next week or so of articles (and you can also catch this series via my Podcast) I’m going to be sharing a series of exercises you can do to get yourself out of your comfort zone. But first we’ll begin by talking about how to define what you want in life and why you want it.

The information I’ll be sharing is all part of a new, on-demand training program that I will be launching very soon.

I can’t wait to share the program with you. I’ll be posting a pre-signup for the new program on my website as well, and when that becomes available, I’ll be sure to let you know through this website as well as via my podcast.

Stay tuned for the next article in this mini-series – as we dive deeper into how to Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye.


Next Up in this Series:

> Defining Your What and Why